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KBF99 PRODUCTS (All prices shown are recommended retail prices including VAT per item shown)

Body Brush £13.50

Dandy Brush £13.95

Bucket Brush £9.99

Face Brush £4.99

Hoof Brush £4.99

Curry Comb £4.50

 Mane Comb £1.99

Soft Touch Mane Comb £3.99

Plaiting Comb £1.99

Sweat Scraper £5.99

Mane&Tail Brush £8.50

Feed Scoops

Salt Lick Holder £5.99

Buckets Hard

Buckets Flexible


KBF99 Dandy Brush KBF99 Body Brush KBF99 Bucket Brush KBF99 Face Brush KBF99 Hoof Brush KBF99 Curry Comb KBF99 Standard Mane Comb KBF99 Soft Touch Mane Comb KBF99 Plaiting Comb KBF99 Sweat Scraper KBF99 Mane & Tail Brush KBF99 Feed Scoops

Round 1.8ltr £7.50

Square 0.5ltr £5.99

Square 2ltr £7.50

KBF99 Salt Lick Holder KBF99 Hard Buckets

10 ltr £5.99

14 ltr £7.99

KBF99 Flexible Buckets

45ltr standard £16.50

15ltr standard £9.99

14ltr shallow £9.99

KBF99 45cm Yard Broom

Broom Head 45cm £9.99

Metal Screw in handle £3.99