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RD Sales Agencies Limited is exclusive sales agent for Breyer in the Equestrian, Country and agricultural trade sectors in Northern England, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. For full details of counties covered see list at Our Services”. Breyer is distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by DKL Marketing.

Breyer SM Truck and Gooseneck Trailer

Breyer Stablemates at 1:32 scale are as expertly sculpted and hand-painted as larger Breyer models , and offer a wide range of accessories and play sets for exciting play and lifetime collectability. For kids and adults alike. Age 4+

Breyer New Arrivals Play Set

The 2018 Breyer Stablemates Truck and Gooseneck Trailer is an ideal  birthday or seasonal gift and complements the “New Arrivals” play set.

Breyer Classics are the most realistic junior collector series. At 1:12 scale they have authentic hand painted details and are made from the same high quality materials as Breyer’s Traditional series. Classics barns, horses and accessories feature contemporary styling to give the true-to-life experience in active role play. Age 4+


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Mobile Vet Clinic When animals are in need of veterinary care, the Classics Mobile Vet Clinic can be on site in a snap.Its packed with fun features for hours of imaginary play.

2018 Horse of the Year - Mason American Saddlebred

Exclusively available in 2018, Sixth in the limited edition “Horse of the Year” series

Breyer Activity Sets combine childrens’ love of horses with the desire to be creative. A whole series of sets containing blank models, paints, brushes and full instructions on how to create a stunning colourful model of your own.


The Breyer range of collectable horse models and accessories is available at all good equestrian retail outlets.

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Breyer Traditional Models

For play and display

Breyer’s Traditional Series offers unparalleled realism and attention to detail, making these models sought after by children and adult collectors alike! At 1:12 scale our broad range of horse breeds, stables and accessories - coupled with the models’ hand-painted individuality , makes them cherished collectibles that are often passed down from generation to generation.

Age 8+

Breyer Zenyatta


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New for 2018 Dapples & Dots playset includes Chestnut Blanket Appaloosa,Palomino Semi Leopard Appaloosa, Dapple Grey Arabian and Dapple Bay Warmblood.

2018 sees the introduction of Black Beauty Horse and Book Set. Anna Sewell’s classic horse tale. Black Beauty has inspired generations of horse lovers and is now available in a set with a beautiful 1:12 scale model of Black Beauty

New for 2018 is the Traditional 1:9 scale model of the Shire. The epitome of the term “Gentle Giant” This classic English breed truly deserves its place in this year’s Breyer collection.

Luna the bathtime Unicorn is brand new in the Breyer collection for 2018. Watch Luna’s colour change in warm water!

The set includes Luna model, Sparkle Blanket, hairbrush and perfume bottle squirt toy.